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Thank you so much for your new garment. I am having rave reviews about it. Since I work with women going through Breast Surgery I am looking for things that will make their lives easier. A special friend has just had to deal with this and I gave her three different garments to try. She called and said the Gentle Bra was by far her favorite. I also think some of the women who are looking for an all cotton bra could wear a regular bra over the top of the Gentle Bra, if they want more support. Thank you again for a great product!
- Virginia Shipp, Marysville, WA

She discovered Gentle Bra after back and lung surgery.

It has been a delight talking with you, I look forward to receiving the bra, I hope it solves my problem … age is no fun.
- Susan from Shaw Island, Washington

Radiation Oncology nurse in charge of Women’s Mammogram and Breast Cancer Areas of Group Health Hospital in Washington State

I am very impressed with the Gentle Bra. There is nothing like it on the market (that I am aware of) for post-thoracic surgery needs and radiation therapy when the skin is tender or burnt. This bra prevents skin-to-skin contact and has no wires, bands, stretchy straps or closures … critical to maintaining comfort. Another great advantage is that it can be put on, either by stepping into it, or pulling it overhead, without raising the arms, which is important after lymph node surgery. I especially appreciate the soft fabric, and because of its price, it’s affordable for all my patients.
- Ellen Canfield, R.N., B.C.S.P.

She gave up wearing bras saying they’ve never been comfortable

Dear Dorothy, I love it! I have worn it all day during the two days since I have received it — and not complained once! Thank you so much.
- Toni, Redding, California

It feels like I don’t have anything on. I appreciate the fact that it breathes … it’s so cool and comfortable.
- Diana, Washington State

For two months, after breast reduction and reconstruction due to medical needs, she experienced great pain and could not wear any bra until she tried on Gentle Bra.

I’m never taking it off!
- Peggy, Burlington, Washington

Dorothy soft comfort gentlebra

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