How to Measure
Gentle Bra fits well, without binding. To determine your size, use a non-stretching measuring tape to measure around your ribcage, directly under your bust line. Make sure the tape is snug.

  • Include your cup size so we can ensure that our ‘hammock’ will support and accommodate your breasts
  • If your measurement is larger than 38”, we recommend calling us for a personal consultation before ordering

Gentle Bra is made right here in the U.S.A., of fine cotton imported from Canada. Each is hand cut by Dorothy's daughter Rebecca, and then hand sewn by members of her quilting guild. We strive to keep our price affordable, so you can enjoy our comfort, every day.

Ribcage Measurement Gentle Bra Size Price
29” – 30” XS (Extra-small) $39.95
31” – 32” S (Small) $39.95
33” – 34” M (Medium) $39.95
35” – 36” L (Large) $39.95
37” – 38” XL (Extra-large) $39.95
39” – 46” Custom Order Call
47” and up Custom Order Call

Dorothy soft comfort gentlebra

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