Gentle Bra®: At last, a bra designed by a woman, for women seeking a soothing, supportive post-surgery bra — or simply the most comfortable bra on earth.

Gentle Bra®

At last, a bra designed by a woman, for women
seeking a soothing, supportive post-surgery bra —
or simply the most comfortable bra on earth.

In a world of binding bras,
there’s finally an ‘Ahhh…’ bra

Gentle Bra®, invented by a cancer survivor, it’s made of easy-care, breathable, 100% cotton interlock, with no closures, under bands, cups or elastic straps to rub and irritate. Just slip it on or step into it — it cradles your breasts with light support.

Gentle Bra is an ideal surgical recovery bra, as the smooth fabric and minimal seams protect tender areas as they heal. This nurse and doctor-recommended bra can benefit women who are:

  • Recuperating from thoracic surgery of breast or lung cancer; heart, kidney or liver surgery; cancer treatments and radiation burns; or back burns
  • Healing from surgery on shoulders, rotary cuffs or upper back
  • Afflicted with shingles or arthritis
  • Undergoing breast reduction or augmentation
  • Pregnant: Can be used as a sleep bra during pregnancy
  • Wheelchair-bound, bothered by under band friction rash
  • Elderly and in need of assistance getting dressed

Gentle Bra can be customized to any measurements. And for the price, you’ll want more than one to comfort you all day and throughout the night.

post surgery bra

Gentle Bra Comfort Features

There’s nothing else on the market like it. The unique, patented design
of Gentle Bra® was created specifically with post-surgical comfort in mind.

Ingenious design means pure comfort

  • Top-to-bottom stretch maintains gentle support while ensuring it won’t become loose across the back as the day wears on
  • Solid shoulder-and-body panel construction lends a smooth fit without pressure on shoulder nerves and muscles
  • ‘Open hammock’ supports each breast and prevents skin-on-skin contact
  • No under band to dig into rib cage to irritate tender tissue
  • Smooth one-way stretch cotton protects tissue and medication

Easy to wear and easy to put on

  • No hooks to fasten, straps to adjust or elastic bands to rub and pinch
  • Step into it and slide it up your bare legs
  • Pull it over your head without needing to lift both arms — a must for women recovering from lymph node, breast or shoulder surgery
  • The material is inter-lock cotton, this is an important factor.

100% cotton washes like a dream

  • Baby soft 100% cotton interlock is perfect for women allergic to synthetic fabrics
  • Just toss it in the washer and dryer
  • Tests in a hot dryer resulted in minimal shrinkage
  • Tagless, to ensure no skin irritation.
post surgery bra
cancer recovery bra
post cancer bra
post-surgical bra

from Dorothy

In 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As you can imagine, I was devastated, but vowed to keep a positive attitude and survive the cancer. The illness was challenging enough — but the radiation — the pain was unbearable! One of the most difficult challenges was staying comfortable after incurring burns from the ongoing treatment. I couldn't find a bra that didn't chafe and rub.

Drawing upon a lifetime of experience as a designer of women's clothing, I decided to create a comfortable bra that would be gentle to my body, and the Gentle Bra was born.

Although I’m proud of my creation, the most important result for me has been the thank you notes and calls from women saying they have finally found relief by wearing my brassiere.

As a breast cancer survivor, my enthusiasm for life has only expanded, and I consider my experience a great gift. I want to share with other women who may be suffering as I did, the power of staying positive and never loosing hope. And of course, offer comfort, even if it’s as simple as Gentle Bra.

cancer survivor bra

Colors available are Beige, White, Black and Pink

Made of 100% soft interlock cotton imported from Canada, machine wash & dry for easy care.

supportive post-surgical bra
I love my Gentle Bras!!...Fit is perfect, cotton could not be any softer... no rubbing on my incision. I appreciate your guidance & timely response...quality product that meets your client’s needs.
Virginia’s Feminine Boutique Custom Fit Bras
Thank you so much for your new garment. I am having rave reviews about it. Since I work with women going through Breast Surgery I am looking for things that will make their lives easier. A special friend has just had to deal with this and I gave her three different garments to try. She called and said the Gentle Bra was by far her favorite. I also think some of the women who are looking for an all cotton bra could wear a regular bra over the top of the Gentle Bra, if they want more support. Thank you again for a great product!
She discovered Gentle Bra after back and lung surgery.
It has been a delight talking with you, I look forward to receiving the bra, I hope it solves my problem … age is no fun.
It feels like I don’t have anything on. I appreciate the fact that it breathes … it’s so cool and comfortable.
Radiation Oncology Nurse
I am very impressed with the Gentle Bra. There is nothing like it on the market (that I am aware of) for post-thoracic surgery needs and radiation therapy when the skin is tender or burnt. This bra prevents skin-to-skin contact and has no wires, bands, stretchy straps or closures … critical to maintaining comfort. Another great advantage is that it can be put on, either by stepping into it, or pulling it overhead, without raising the arms, which is important after lymph node surgery. I especially appreciate the soft fabric, and because of its price, it’s affordable for all my patients.
She gave up wearing bras saying they’ve never been comfortable
Dear Dorothy, I love it! I have worn it all day during the two days since I have received it — and not complained once! Thank you so much.
For two months, after breast reduction and reconstruction due to medical needs, she experienced great pain and could not wear any bra until she tried on Gentle Bra.
I’m never taking it off!

Select your Gentle Bra

How to Measure

Gentle Bra fits well, without binding. To determine your size, use a non-stretching measuring tape to measure around your ribcage, directly under your bust line. Make sure the tape is snug.

  • Include your cup size so we can ensure that our ‘hammock’ will support and accommodate your breasts
  • If your measurement is larger than 38”, we recommend calling us for a personal consultation before ordering


Gentle Bra is made right here in the U.S.A., of fine cotton imported from Canada. Each is hand cut by Dorothy's daughter Rebecca, and then hand sewn by members of her quilting guild. We strive to keep our price affordable, so you can enjoy our comfort, every day.

Ribcage MeasurementGentle Bra SizePrice
29” – 30”XS (Extra-small)$39.95
31” – 32”S (Small)$39.95
33” – 34”M (Medium)$39.95
35” – 36”L (Large)$39.95
37” – 38”XL (Extra-large)$39.95
39” – 41”2XL$39.95
42” – 43”3XL$39.95
44” – 45”4XL$39.95
46” & UpCustom$49.95
cancer survivor bra

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Patented Comfort

Patent # US 7,491,113 B2


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